Cyber Range

Real-World CyberThreat Training
Cybersecurity threats have become more complex, targeted, and persistent, they pose a serious ongoing challenge to your business. Security hardware and software products alone are insufficient to stop today’s advanced attacks. Modern cyber defenses require proactive security operations run by highly trained staff with the experience and expertise to detect and disrupt sophisticated threats. Staff with the right skills and experience are in high demand and short supply.


Cyber Range helps security staff build the skills and experience necessary to fight cyberthreats. Using real-world conditions as its basis, Cyber Range provides a synthetic war-gaming environment that allows staff to play the role of both attacker and defender to learn the latest methods of vulnerability exploitation and the use of advanced tools and techniques to mitigate and remove threats.


Cyber Range provides:
• Real-life experience in responding to and defending against rudimentary and complex cyber attacks, including APTs.
• Deep understanding of leading security methodologies, operations, and procedures.
• Advanced skills in deploying protection models and using the latest security tools and techniques.
• An experience that builds teamwork and responsibility management to balance workload and bring focus to core competencies.
• A foundation for your response team to help ensure that all members have the same core skills.


Cyber Range is a platform in which attackers and defenders can experience cybersecurity threats from the real world, but in a safe environment. They will learn how to respond to complex situations in different flight scenarios without the risk to interfere day to day operations.